Monday, January 19, 2009

1AM-True Blood and Teddy Pendergrass

I think the one thing I can thank my parents for is introducing me to Jazz. Through my ongoing musical education in my childhood I easily name Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross, and Chaka Khan as three of my favorite singer.

The fact that at 2 I was squeaking "Hey thats Lena Horne!" When she was the good witch in The Wiz and can guiltily say I have original Jackson 5 Albums on Vinyl...

Yes I had an early lesson on Jazz, Motown, and Blues. So it comes to little surprise that when I have to meditate to get my mind off my pain its not Tibetan monks or whale song that I put in my music player but Teddy Pendergrass "Love TKO"

I've also been watching episodes of True Blood Season 1. DAMN. Talk about Vmpire Pee-oh-rn!
In the famous words of Lafayette "Child, make me clutch my pearls!"

And no, I am not buying seasons and seasons of online shows. Thanks to Crash the computer guru I found I can search for Torrents and downlad just about anything I want to watch on

We are loving it so much we donated money and have a e-mail relationship with the mod.

Crash and I are constantly seeding things and uploading movies we get to the site.

I've even traded some music with the guy in the form of "mixtapes" trying to get him into Old Skool Hip hip and political rap like Dead Prez.

He laughed when he saw my picture saying the only part of me that looked black was my ass.


So, go on youtube listen to some teddy, Chaka, or Luther, hell try Lena Horne! And if you want to get some videos but like me are short on cash (Thanks Bush!) Try uTorrent and Scrapetorrent.

Tell them KJ and Crash sent ya!

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