Sunday, October 01, 2006

Herbal Hair wash recipe

Again with the Indian crocery! Why did it take me so long to realize I have hair very similiar to Indian? It makes a certain amount of sense being I am half American Indian. The African throws in a courseness and deyness that makes my fast growing AI hair get fried ends and itchy oily scalp.

For almost a year I had been committed to CO washing. This entailed slathering cheap conditioner on my wet hair and waiting for an hour or so and washing it off. Now do not missunderstand me! I loved the way my hair felt but after using almost a bottle a week (I wash twice a weeek) I was getting tired of stocking up!

Finally after luggin yet another two cases of Suave and VO5 home I logged on to the beauty bottle ( and saw an article by Naj on herbal washes. Having already been going to the indian market for NEEM powder I though why not get some hair washing herbs?

So I stocked up on 3 boxes Shikai ($4.50) 1 box Aritha ($ 1.50) and one box AMLA ($1.50) The owners wife instructed me since I have short hair that this amount of herbs would last me 3-6 months!for $8.50!

My recipe is for my hair legnth which is just above bra strap.

Herbal Wash:
4 TBSP Shikai powder
2 tsp aritha

Put into a jar, shake well, strain (if desired, and I desire to) and use.

I wet my hair thoroughly, pour mixture on scalp massage gently working it through, then rinse and condition with a natural conditioner. Once when I was out of conditioner I put a drop of coconut and jojoba oil on my hair and it conditioned. But I prefer my henna conditioner form Natures Gate and now don't have to use 1/2 a bottle!

I can still get away with washing twice a week or about every three to four days.

The onyl complaint is my hubby says my hair smells like celery... so I may try adding some patchouli oil or something. Other than that I highly reccomend it. As the box tells you this is a "gift from nature" and the bonus? None of the powders are tested on animals and all are vegan. Bonus!

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