Friday, October 20, 2006

Furry Family

So I had to put a picture of my babies up. Three furry kids, all rescues.

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Billy: 9 yrs, Sammie: 2 months, Ani: 5 yrs

Billy. My little chocolate devil kitty. The sweetest, softest, cutest ambassador of what happens when you invest in a pound kitty. Billy was so anti-social and lethargic he had been returned to the shelter 3 times. He was broken and unwilling to trust people. He would allow people to pet him and hold him but didn't respond and showed no affection. He had been so badly abused by a male previous owner trying to ellicit play from him that he had a deep distrust for males. He would lie in the back of his kennel sleeping, eating and staring out at people disinterested.
I walked in the adopt-a-thon to help with adoptions and socializing. I was a young college student and had no place for a kitty. I saw Billy sitting in his kennel and something made me open the door and look inside. He looked at me and I looked at him and I KNEW somehow he was broken, but not irrepairable.
I picked him up and looked into his eyes and told him I promised no one would ever hurt him again. He seemed to understand because he wrapped his paws around my neck and tucked his tiny head under my chin. I carried him around the store and when it was time to go he wouldn't let go of me.
So he came home with me and he has been with me ever since. Everyone who meets him says "You can tell he is a mama's boy!" and I say "No you can tell he is my best friend."

Sammie was left for dead. Sammie was so weak when she was found she couldn't lift her head to drink. She was so lethargic and dehydrated that she wouldn't even eat chicken baby food off her nose. We spent all hours with her in a basket in our bed cleaning her after she empytied her bladder on her bedding, giving her water through an eyedropped and feeding her watered baby food with a tiny spoon and KMR milk replacer through a bottle. She still only trusts me and the large male Billy and is only months later trusting Papa to touch her and venture into the bedroom in ours home.

Ani had a can of raid wasp spray being emptied into her eyes. A 14 year old boys crack head mother was asleep on her front porch while her malicious child was spraying a kitten in the face with raid to try to flush it from underneath the house. I rescued her right then and had the woman charged with animal endangerment and drug possesion, she also had her children removed from custody. Ani came home with me. She required a warm wash clothe applied to her eyes ever 4 hours and drops put in her eyes 3 times a day. She shook and cried when people held her but wanted desperately to be loved. She was skin and bones and required high calorie feedings and was so scared we were going to leave her that she followed us around the house everywhere. Now she is firmly a papa's girl. And loves to follow mama around in the bathroom while she brushes her hair in hopes that she will get a good brushing too.

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