Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Super-Charged "Rogue Rice Bowl Scrub"

Here are some ways to make yor scrub a little more personable.

Use essential oils to add scent and different elements to your scrub:

Rose: Normal or older skin
Chamomile: Sensitive skin
Tea Tree: Oily skin
Lavendar: Relaxing and anti-inflammatory
Patchouli: Balancing and relaxing great earthy smell
Sandalwood: Soothing scent, mildly anti-inflammatory, good for dry or winter skin

I also reccomend using different types of WATER in your scrubs when placing them on the face.

I have tried mineral water, distilled water, warm filtered water, cold filtered water.

My favorite is Cold mineral water for face scrubs and warm peppermint tea/water for my body

Here is my typical:

"Soothing Scrub for a rough rough world"
1/2 c. dry scrub mix (see recipe) INSTEAD of regular sugar I place a whole open vanilla bean in a cup of sugar and let it sit overnight.
2 tablespoons warm red/black tea
1 drop sandalwood essential oil
1 drop patchouli essential oil
1 drop glycerin

This scrub makes me smell like a "heavenly cookie" according to my Partner.

It sticks around in the bathroom for a while too. So its a deoderizer!

Tell me how you like it!


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Matt said...

Nice blog you have here. By the way as to your previous post.. I loved the
MacGyver SHOWS lol. Glad to finally see them on DVD.

Nice informative blog. :)