Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A facial scrub miracle? or cheap MacGyver Spa treat

I set out to make a scrub that was simple, inexspensive,moderately mousturizing and "natural" without being gritty rough or just plain gross.

After all. Sugar strained through bones is "natural" but that is just gross.

I wanted something that could be dressed up or paired down. This concoction is simple to prepare,store, and use.

So attatched is the following recipe for a spa treat for everone and every budget:

"Rogue Rice Bowl Scrub"

For enough scrub to do your ENTIRE body use the following measurements:

"Rogue Rice Bowl Scrub"-total body recipe

1/2 cup dry rice (any kind) ground
3 tablespoons Sugar (I prefer raw/organic) For dry skin ~or~ Salt for oily skin
Enough floral water to make a paste: Floral water: 1 drop essential oil + 1 Tablespoon water
1 drop of glycerin (optional: for dry skin)

For enough for just hands and face:
Mix above dry ingredients together in sealable container

3 TBSP Dry mix (above)
1 TBSP floral water (glycerin already added)


I make the dry ingredients and wet ingredients and keep them in prett sealed jars. When its time to make my scrub I keep a bottle of floral water near the shower take a handful of dry stuff out and spray it with the floral water.

Another thing I have found my partner Chris doing (leave it to a man to be Macguyver) is taking a handful of dry mixing it with CONDITIONER (yes I said conditioner) and using it to shave.

I tried it, and it works like a dream.

So do something nice for yourself! Treat yourself to a Rogue Rice Bowl Scrub!

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