Thursday, October 27, 2005

Haute women hawk their airs

The well known women and their scents of summer:

This month I was privvy to try 4 new scents. They differed as much in layers and impressions much like the women endorsing them.

It was truly 4 distinctly different scents in relatively reasonably rates. Cacharel: Promeese, Versace: Crystal Noir, Jennifer Lopez: Live, and finally Kimora Lee Simmons: Baby Phat Goddess.

Now being somewhat wary and definately spoiled on fragrance I tried to be as objective as possible.

The first parfum was Promeese. This pink potion began with notes of lily, tuberose, and freesia. Somehow mixed into a second wave of sparkling champagne, and watery greens to smoothly finish the scent. Light, fresh and yet sweet enough for a romantic weekend or simply a hard day at work when you need a reminder of the carefree times of spring. One whiff and you will be sitting on your front porch in the gentle breeze reading coffee with your lover. For 48.50 it is a good all around scent and a bargain to boot.

Moving on and up to more exspensive parfum. I was exspecting to be blown away by Versace: Noir. True to its image it was unlike any other scent I had smelled this season. There was an unusual medley of pepper, amber, hints of smokey musk and earthy suede. It reminded me of a tall dark woman in thigh high boots and a sweater mini, sitting in a cigar lounge with a glass of merlot and goth lined doe eyes.

This is a deeply complex and sensual musk. However with a price tag of 70-95 dollars I think my old favorite drugstore brand "Dark Vanilla" will have to do the trick. That said if you want a scent for dark and mysterious, a scent that leaves men saying "what WAS she wearing?" this very well be your bag baby.

Jennifer Lopez first foray into the perfumery biz was her debut scent Glo by J. Lo. Since then she appears to have taken back some of her "latina" placing her glam-diva hip hop model on the back burner. Mrs. Jenny from the block hit the scent scene recently with Jennifer Lopez: Live.

Not to be confused with J.Lo this scent is meant to intice the senses to a tropical oasis. It is meant to leave you feeling as if you have just spent a sultry summer night in a latin club dancing with a hunk of a man. This is the scent of papaya fed from drop dead georgous fingers.

Or its MEANT to bring those feelings.

Instead I found Live to be overbearing, Candy coted, confection perfect perhaps for 17-20 year olds but nothing spectacuar. I would reccomend for the price to try "Sweet Temptation" by Victoria Secret instead of dropping 40-50 dollars of this. This scent is a flash in the pan and I predict it will sell to fans ans perhaps the young, but those of us with a more decerning palatte will find this scent sickly sweet and syrupy in its fruit notes.

The final perfume on my list was Kimora Lee Simmons: Baby Phat Goddess. For 48 dollars you can score a christmas collection of lotion, wash and parfum. Now, why would I start with that information? Because one smell of this perfume and I believe it is my favorite to debut out of the four. For me it runs neck and neck with Sarah Jessica Parker: Beautiful.

It is a layered scent of pink pepper fading to a powder/cotton flower scent then finally a smooth finish with water lilies,gardenia and I beelieve a bit of peony.

This is a classic timeless scent that is strong without being overwhelming. It is noticable but in a pleasant wafting soft of way. It blends, it is versatile and it changes with your body.
I liken this scent to the pink Lucky you, by Lucky brand jeans and Burburry weekend, Classic, simple, yet layered and sweet.

This is my pick of the crew.

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