Thursday, October 13, 2005

Everybody burns...

Today I met two young kids who have serious medical issues.
Everyday for them is another struggle. A struggle to eat, a struggle to function, to keep emotions in check, to control tempers, and take care of pain.

They also have the burden of watching as their parents try to treat them as any other child.

But these kids KNOW they are not just any other child.

Other children are not allergic to so many foods.

Other children don't have to have special bikes.

Other children don't need body armour, special helmets or shoes.

Other children can't understand having something hurt so much it brings tears to the eye, on a daily basis.

They are not like other kids.

They see specialists, they get poked, and swallow pills, and get daily,monthly,yearly tests.

They have "routine" surgery sometimes over 25 times in the first few years of their life.

Most of all these kids literally BURN.

In their fingers, their toes, their anger, their frustration, their hope.

In their hearts, their tears..

They are tiny heroes. They make us stare but feel grateful. Even if we have our problems, if they can fight, so can we.

Everybody burns from something, but they feel it much more than we.

Next time you feel that familiar pain of "life isn't fair" think of how these children burn. Then put the fire out in your mind and be grateful for everything you can do.

We don't have to wait until something is gone to appreciate it. Don't get scorched by your own blinders.

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A Template for My Life said...

Children are the bravest souls I know. They take so much and still have time to ask You how you feel.