Friday, February 10, 2012

Dog bits NBC reporter

OK.  I really did NOT want to go into this despite getting several phone calls begging me to “Call about the dog”
There are at least 3 people who have already agreed to take the dog and either rehabilitate him or let him live out his life in a controlled environment.
A news reporter friend who knows that I am a dog trainer who specializes in “at risk” dogs asked me my opinion.  And seriously I didn’t WANT to voice my opinion because so many famous trainers are already using this terrible accident to promote their own dog training and training accessories!

However, as someone who not only works with troubled animals but OWNS a dog who has serious anxiety issues I can’t stay quiet.

First, this owner had no sense taking a dog that had had such a traumatic event less than 24 hours previously, and take it to a crowded, unfamiliar, sound stage with people who had no clue about dog behavior.

Second, this dog gave more than adequate warning that he was not only riddled with anxiety but that something about the reporter was placing him on edge.

And finally, Who gets down on a dogs level, and sticks their face in a dogs face, then reaches for its throat area, and ignores every single warning sign from the dog?
So whose fault is this?  The humans.  ALL the humans.

Max will be taken care of and there is no way euthanasia is in his future.  However, there is a lesson here.
I myself was bitten in the face by a dog (in fact I have been bitten several times by a plethora of animals). 

As soon as it happened I wanted to punch myself for being such a pushy, cocky, idiot.  Dogs are not infants, they are not humans, they are dogs and as such they follow dog hierarchy, rules and behavior, not those anthropomorphic attributes we place on them

So Max, on behalf of trainers and dog lovers every where I apologize for your being put in this situation and we are on your side.

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