Monday, August 01, 2011

OK that is just crazy sauce: Period cycle and Lunar Calander

So since I have terrible periods (we are talking emergency room, handful of vicodin, puking because the pain is so bad periods here) I am un-naturally interested in my cycle. I ALWAYS comes between the 7th and the 9th. But this month, it is coming on the 3rd! (I am pre-spotting and PMS'ing like a raving banshee.)S needless to say when friend said she was tracing her cycle online I said 'I wanna do that?!"

So after asking my fiance WHEN I had gotten my period and how heavy it had been when (he has the uncanny ability to remember me talking about mundane sh*t like "Uh I have CLOTS in my period" or me bitching about having stained ANOTHER set of panties, when will my period be over!? SO he ironically was of GREAT assistance in this endeavor!

SO what did I find out? First off? I have 26 day cycles between periods. Second my periods go from Heavy to Medium to Heavy to Light to Heavy and so on.

I also found out that two days AFTER the moon is half Risen, I get my period. Like CLOCKWORK precision here. Be it cloudy, rain or muggy my uterus can sense her Buddy.

Now I am just spotting, trying to reign in PMS and stay cool.

To get your own fascination with your Aunt Flo visit:

Don't say I didn't warn you.


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