Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Sister in Law Black Balled me

I am trying to get over it. Really trying to. But the bitch black balled me.
My Fiance warned me that she was a supremely manipulative bitchy lying mountains out of molehills sell you down the river at the first chance type person but I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

So at the respite site I work relief at a kid tried to choke me and I kinda lost it on him and was a little stern with him, another staff told our supervisor I was a little strict and I should be told to lighten up.

I told her I agreed and my boss sad she was glad we talked and that she didn't think we would have any more problems. My boss then asked my sister in law is my supervisor to give me support to which my sister in law responded with tales of me being strict with her kids, telling my boss that the kids don't like me, telling my boss that the parents don't like me, telling my boss that I put the kids down (which is completely not true SHE puts the kids down and I called her on it on NUMEROUS occasions AND she calls one of the kids a flamer because he acts a little effeminate)

One of the kids hates her so much and hates the other kids so much he begs his mom to please let him not come there because my sister in law was letting the older girls tease and berate him mercilessly until I put an end to it. When I called her on it she said he bugs her and he needed to understand that you can't act like that and be considered "normal" then she black balled me to my boss.

So yeah I was firm with the kids who were being bullies. Because they were MEAN to the little kids and they were REALLY rude and disrespectful to the little kids and to me, AND the their peers and to the teachers in the halls. More than once two kids their left for home in tears because of their teasing and my sister in law shrugged and said "They need tougher skin"

She even told my boss that she thinks I should go work at Roberts but made it sound like it was my bosses idea when I know damn well it was hers. Whatever, Karma has a way of evening things out and I liked working at Roberts better anyways.

Things have a way of working out and you reap what you sow, it still just blows my mind that anyone could be that much of a evil cow.

And she wonders why she has so few friends and no long term relationships?

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