Monday, June 11, 2007

Some of my Favorite things...

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Can I say again how freaking awesome these are?

They are my new wedding plugs custom made by Will from Frozenfire located on

I highly reccomend them and wil buy them again.


Some more of my favorite things?

Claire De Lune Cloth Pads

I actually don't mind my period anymore. Seriously, I am going to buy more as gifts.

And lastly my eczema LOVES this new soap. Its Vegan, its got charcoal and gets rid of eczema and acne in one daily washing.

Its the Charcoal Eczema and Acne soap. She is currently making new Batches but Natural Body Spa by Spoiled Rotten Soaps is the bomb diggity.

And last but not least. Hair sticks that are a unique as you are by Night Blooming. A fellow Minnesotan (though I am now a NY transplant) Makes your hairstick dreams come true.

Can't say it enough. Buy from individual crafters and buck the system.


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