Friday, September 29, 2006

Gelled Henna Recipe, now with pectin recipe

Fia's gelled henna (calculations adapted by RogueWriter)
Slower version for powders with slow dye release (Such as bulk powders)

½ cup (4 ounces) henna powder/Cassia Obovata (For conditioning w/ no colour change)
1 ½ cup Black tea (12 ounces)
¾ cup Lime Juice (1 Tbsp Lime/Lemon juice concentrate with ¾ cup water)
1½ Tbsp Powdered pectin (about 1 oz.) *SEE NEW ATTACHED RECIPE ON BOTTOM!*
1 Tbsp AMLA powder

Sift Henna in nylon/fine mesh first.

Dump sifted henna powder in a bowl and mix with half of the liquid. (DO NOT ADD PECTIN YET)

(POT 1) Let this one stand on top of something warm until you see dye release – these are basically the same steps as if you were preparing a regular henna paste.

(POT 2) After you've seen dye releasing from the henna, boil the remaining half of the liquid, then add pectin.

Pour the liquid & pectin (POT 2) mix into the henna paste in the bowl (POT 1) and mix well.

Add AMLA Powder

Let this stand until it is gelled - usually about 20 minutes- and use.

Pectin recipe: For one/two gelled henna or casia applications

~Take one sour apple (young unripe or green tart apples work best.

~Chop into pieces (the smaller the gravel sized)

~Place in pan with enough water just to cover

~Boil stirring frequently for 20 minutes or until apples are tender

~Strain mixture through mesh sive or cheeseclothe.

~Check mix by taking a drop and placing it in a tablspoon of alchohol. If it congeals and gets goey its ready. If not place mixture back in pan boil for 5 minutes and check again.

Colouring info:
For Chocolate brown henna I have been told by Indian women to use a metal bowl and Coffee/Tea (such as Earl Grey) and Walnut powder. Also AMLA is said to prmote chocolate colours and tone down brassiness however you will have reddish highlights, its unavoidable.

For Fiery red finery Here is a tried and true bunch of additions that my sister and I have used on her to mae her hair Burning flame bright.

Papika (yes paprika)
Red Zinger tea (Our FAVE and tried and true add in! Not only does this add brilliance to the red, but the hibiscus in the tea actually acts as another colorant AND a slip agent making washing it out a breeze)
Red Wine. I usually use the cheapest reddest wine I can get from goodish grapes. Italian wines like Fat Bastard, Red Cat, and Barberras bring a burgundy/Ruby colour to hair. A warning to though alleric to Sulfa drugs like Baytrol BE CAREFUL YOU DON'T HAVE TOPICAL ALLERGIES!!! As 98% of wines contain sulfites and can make you break out. (antoher reason for tea preference)

These above additions can be used as a liquid or in liquid to replace the water/Fluid in the recipe.

Happpy Henna everyone!

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